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How to fix kindle not charging

How to Resolve Kindle Not Charging

The one Amazing device from Amazon shockingly has constant issues while Kindle Not Charging. Kindle devices that won't charge are genuinely disturbing; we need to understand that Kindle similar to all tablets, relies upon battery capacity to run and if the battery won't charge at all or sufficiently then you won't get a considerable performance from your Kindle. We have come with the best solutions to this issue here.

Potential Causes and Solutions to Kindle Charging Issues

Fix Kindle not charging

Here we would start with simple steps and then suggest technical troubleshooting. Let's go in chronology-

Check the Power Outlet

The foremost and fairly self-evident way is to check the power outlet where you are charging the Kindle. Switch to another outlet.

Check the Kindle Charger

In the case that the charger isn't working, it's super simple to make sense of the issue. You can inspect this by using a USB cable to check it from the laptop. If this works means your charger is faulty.

Check the Kindle Charger Cable

There's additionally a USB link that interfaces the charger to your Kindle Fire. Next, we have to test the USB link itself. Luckily, all small-scale USB links are essentially the same, to obtain another from an alternate gadget or from a companion, and check whether swapping out links will get your Fire to charge.

Check the Kindle Charging Port

A frail charging port is a culprit behind charging issues most of the time in Kindle. This is especially an issue for those of us who utilize our Fires while they're charging. When you interface the charging link, ensure the link is situated safely. Put your Kindle down and move the wire, if there is charge coming and going that means there could be the problem with the port. you can fix issues with Kindle Not Charging online help.

In case you find all of the above means are fine; we recommend you to go for resetting your Kindle device as here-

Reset the Kindle

Just ensure that while you make a reset, first of all, save your important data and documents as this rest would wipe out everything from Kindle.

You can hold down the power button for approx 20 seconds to ensure the Kindle Fire is off. Now turn the Kindle device on with the power button.

This may get your charging issue resolved. If still not we have another reset as here-

Factory Reset in Kindle

This is one recommendation that is generally not allowed to perform until you have failed all other troubleshooting means.

It will wipe all that you have stored on your Kindle and return it to its default setup. But this works at times with Charging issue, you can try the following steps-

  • Swipe down on the home screen>go to the menu
  • Tap Settings > Device Options.
  • Tap on Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • Click to confirm.
  • Now press and hold the volume up key and power key for 40 seconds.

Discharge the power button; however, keep holding volume up until the point when you see ‘Installing the latest software’. Now reboot your Kindle.

How may I resolve Kindle Not Charging problems today

Hope you have found your answer here, in case you are still juggling with the issue just go ahead and ring the Kindle Support numbers to tackle the charging issues or you may get hardware related replacements advices also.

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