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Adobe Reader not responding

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Are you having the circumstances, where adobe reader does not respond? Or it does not open at all? Well, whatever the problem may be; it comes with some set of solutions. This is a complete guide on how to troubleshoot the Adobe reader not working issue at different levels. Then Adobe Reader Not Responding then dials us for adobe help. These are some of the common terms that found related to this issue:

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As we are aware that there could be minor hitches that may hamper any software to work or at times it could be a great technical error that needs advanced skills.
But if Adobe reader is not responding, that may be exposing some other error underlying. As it is just an application. First of all, let us begin with some quick fixes to the problems.

Quick steps to fix Adobe reader not working:

Adobe Reader not responding Troubleshooting
  1. Restart your PC that may compound the problem.
  2. Perform a full PC scan to eradicate any conflicting file like the virus or infected files that may be bothering the Adobe Software.
  3. Perform Disk Clean up and delete temporary files by clicking on start and typing %temp%. Also, delete cookies from time to time.
  4. You should check for System requirements for Adobe Reader Like some are mentioned here for Adobe Reader 8
    • At least 128MB of RAM
    • Intel Pentium Core processor
    • Windows XP, 2000,2003 and NT
    • Available space of 90MB in hard-disk
    • Latest browsers like Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer etc.
  5. Remove all third parties plug-in from Reader plug-in folder and move to a new one.

Troubleshooting the Adobe Reader not responding

Fix Adobe reader not working

Next level upgrade to the latest version to resolve the Adobe reader not responding issue. You can upgrade to a latest Adobe Reader that may be more compatible with your Operating system.

You may avail a free version here:-

Close all other applications before running Adobe Reader

Some applications may lead to the frozen or sluggish system while open and be used when Adobe is running.

Troubleshoot Adobe Reader Plug-in

Lets us determine if plug-ins are conflicting the Adobe Software

  • Launch Adobe without any running plug-in.
  • Click twice on the Adobe Reader icon.
  • Press and hold the shift key (left one) immediately after clicking.
  • Now here you have to see if Comment Menu item does not appears then close Adobe and check for system requirement
  • If it is present then make an installation of latest version of Adobe.

Download and run a detect and repair tool while all other applications are not running as here-

  • Close all applications and reboot Windows
  • Click on Start then Control Panel
  • Double Click on "Add Or Remove Programs."
  • Here click on Adobe Reader and then "Change"
  • You would be prompted to confirm for the repair of Reader, here click Yes
  • Reboot your PC after the repair has been completed.

Update and Install the latest Microsoft Windows.

Installing the latest Windows called Service Packs to make the Adobe work smoothly. You can avail your service pack as per the compatibility with Adobe from Microsoft website.
You must reinstall the Service Pack, after making an upgrade to Windows or an application

Even after performing all these steps, the problem may be related to system hardware, you can contact the manufacturer for more details. In any case, you are still perplexed; you may feel free to call Adobe Customer Support to find out the root cause of the issue. They would suggest you the best solution and next course of action in real time.

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