Amazon Fire Stick Remote is a powerful streaming media device that plugs into an HDTV and you can stream with Amazon Video, as well as Netflix and full roster catch-up services, for example, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Prime Music, there are many more apps than just videos. Plus you can access Amazon’s growing game library. It comes with a Voice Remote, its price is Rs. 3,999 and it is available for purchase on the Amazon website. Amazon firestick remote not working then deal on us.

It’s like a big pen drive.  But despite the size, it packs it in very clean hardware inside it. It comes with a quad-core processor and supports fast with Wi-Fi. The Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with a voice remote that provides support for the spoken language. With Voice and the remote users can search Amazon Video using their voice only. 

What Causes is a Firestick Remote Not Working?

  • Inappropriately embedded batteries, low battery charge, and other related issues would all be able to cause a Fire Stick remote to not working.
  • If your remote isn’t matched with your Fire Stick, it won’t work. Substitution remotes consistently should be combined before you use them.
  • Fire Stick remotes use Bluetooth, not infrared, so they have a hypothetical scope of around 30 feet. The genuine range is regularly lower.
  • You needn’t bother with an immediate observable pathway between your Fire Stick and remote, however, checks can radically decrease the range.
  • Devices that can meddle with Bluetooth associations can keep your remote from working accurately.
  • If you’ve acquired a trade remote for your Fire Stick, ensure they’re good.
  • External harm, similar to water harm, and inward blames due to bombed parts can cause your Fire Stick remote to not working.

What To Do IF Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working?

  • In the event that you discover your firestick remote isn’t working with your perfect gadget, attempt these tips first:
  • Unplug your gadget from the outlet for as long as 1 moment and attachment back in
  • Often times, a speedy restart of the Fire Stick or Fire TV will return your remote in working style.
  • Remove batteries from the back of the remote and set them back in
  • Insert new batteries into the remote and attempt once more

How to Fix: Amazon Firestick Remote Not Working

If you’re Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not working, don’t lose your hope because at here we have compiled some solutions that will definitely help you.

Cause of Firestick Remote Replacement:

The most common issues include problems with batteries, obstructions that block the signal from a remote and interfere with other electronics. The most common issues include problems with batteries, obstructions that block the signal from a remote and interfere with other electronics. Some reason may be that the Fire Stick Remote not Compatible with your device or it may also Fire Stick Remote is damaged or Need to Backup of Amazon Fire TV Remote.

You Need To Ensure the Fire Stick Remote Batteries:

If the remote starts working oddly or does not react, shuffle or replace the battery. This is a clear first step. So your first task is to exchange the batteries on a fire stick remote, to see if it does fix or not. When you have the battery drained, check the battery for the leak and make sure that the contacts within the remote are clean.

If changing the batteries does not work, remove the power from the fire stick, leave it for a few seconds and turn it on again. Take one minute to reload it and then test it again. Once again see whether the fire stick works or not.

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If not, then visit one of these other steps. If Fire Cycling is power and the battery does not work, then we see that it is Fire TV or Remote is not responding. Fire the Amazon Fire TV remote app on your phone and use it to control Fire TV. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and use it as a remote. If Fire TV responds, then it is likely to be a remote. If this does not answer, then it is Fire TV, which needs to be done.

firestick remote not working

Make Sure You Have Re-Pair Fire Stick Remote:

In many cases, the problem is that your device has not been added to the fire stick or the coupling process has failed. In that situation you can follow these steps:-

  • Goto the settings from the Fire TV menu.
  • Nextopen controller and Bluetooth device
  • Thenselect Amazon Fire TV Remote and select Add New Remote.
  • Inthe end press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds on your new remote.

Always Check For Fire Stick Remote Companionable:

If your amazon firestick remote replacement isnot compatible with your TV, this issue may occur. Your problem started whenyou purchased a replacement fire stick remote, and you were unable tosuccessfully pair it, you may have compatibility issues. So if you see thatyour fire stick remote is not working with your compatible device, then try thesetips first. Unplug your device from the outlet for 1 minute and plug it backin. Remove the battery from the back of the remote and put them back in. Inserta new battery in the remote and try again.

Check For Corrosion on Terminals:

Another reason that fire stick not working due to rust on remote battery port terminals Normally, the hydrogen gas emits from your battery chemicals and combined with other particles of the atmosphere causes the war on the terminals. You need to open the back cover of the fire stick remote and remove the battery. Now, use a screwdriver or knife to clear the terminal port and pairs it again.

If Fire Stick Remote Damaged:

While you are still unable to find out what is wrong with your fire stick device, then we can consider the possibility that the fire stick is damaged the remote. The only solution you are leaving is to buy a new fire stick remote from the Amazon App Store.

DistanceIssues Comes With Fire TV Remotes

Fire Stick and Fire TV remotes useBluetooth rather than infrared, so you needn’t bother with an immediateobservable pathway between the remote and your gadget. You don’t have to pointthe remote at your gadget, on the grounds that the direction of the remote hasnothing to do with the quality of the Bluetooth signal.

Here’s the manner by which to checkwhether separation or impediments are your concern:

  • Move your remote physically closer to your Fire Stick.
  • Remove any checks between your remote and your Fire Stick.
  • If the remote possibly work when you hold your remote behind your TV, or when you are near your TV, utilize the Fire Stick augmentation dongle to reposition the gadget.
  • If you have your Fire TV gadget put inside an excitement bureau or a comparable fenced-in area, expel it from the nook and check whether your remote works.

Main Reason to Buy Amazon Fire Stick:

A New Amazon Fire Stick does not revolutionize anything in the streaming space, but it also makes a good product better.  Alexa Voice is a great way to navigate commands, and the extra speed from the new processor and better Wi-Fi, the Fire TV stick uses an air.

With the new interface, older devices have been set to come into line later, and Alexa, the owners of the original Fire TV Stick cannot get the necessary upgrade immediately. However, any prime subscriber, who has not yet leapt, can now very much tempt himself by this new version.

What Is The Work of Amazon Fire Stick:

Yourfire stick plugs into your HDMI TV via USB port, connects via Wi-Fi, and isequipped with Bluetooth remote. Simply plug your fire stick and you will beguided through the setup process and will be prompted to sign in to your Amazonaccount.

The FireStick is a middle repository for all your content. Once logged on, you willhave access to any music and video purchased through your Amazon account. Inaddition, you can see any photos uploaded to your Amazon cloud service.

Along with the fee, you will get the benefit of being able to choose your favorite services instead of being tied to a cable package and enjoy amazon firestick remote not working at all.

What Is The Features of Amazon Fire Stick:

Along with its new interface, Amazon Fire Stick has also seen some hardware upgrades, including a new quad-core processor and improved Wi-Fi. The new chipset is reported to be 30% faster, while 802.11ac Wi-Fi ensures more stable streaming faster downloads and faster buffering. If your fire TV stick is slightly ahead of your router, then due to the better performance range, you will actually be able to see this improvement. There is still 8GB onboard storage for apps and games and its predecessor is 1GB RAM.

How to Check Performance of Amazon Fire Stick:

Fire TV stick is a came with power. It definitely feels fast to browse and load, as you do for the menu and searches for content. Voice commands work really well for this. Instead of using the Alexa Wake command, as you do on Amazon Echo, just press a button on the remote, hold it down and speak. You can search by the name of actor, style or movie, and during my trials, Alexa did not misunderstand a single order.

Rentals for a specific movie or TV show searches are much better, as well as providing titles similar to matches. The discovery of The Grand Tour brings the idea of ​​looking at Top Gear in this way, which makes a lot of sense. The new functionality also means that you can ask them to move fast forward or back during the Amazon show, which is basically done. The language you can use to control it is also very flexible. There is no need to turn on the TV while controlling smart home appliances.

Just hold the remote, hold down the microphone and make your request, like turn on the lights, and Alexa handles the rest so you can resolve issues like amazon firestick with alexa remote not working.

Now, Amazon Fire TV Stick is ready to use:

After setting everything, your Fire TV stick is ready to use. This will take you to the home screen, where all the action takes place. Before we start using the Fire TV stick, one more thing is to do. We have to download and pair the Fire TV remote app.


The most probable cause for your amazon fire tv stick remote not working 2019 is going to be the batteries. I know, you’re thinking I’ve already changed the batteries twice already. The Fire TV remote is a fickle beast and only likes brand new fully charged batteries before it will re-connect to your Fire TV box. I’ve tried switching in batteries from other devices that are all working fine, but without any success. Brand new batteries are the key for this power-hungry remote.

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