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How to solve issues of msn hotmail login problems

If you have trouble logging into your Msn Hotmail account, there may be a few things you would need to do in order to get your account working again. You can easily get solve issues by dialing msn hotmail customer support phone number.

You can take some precautionary steps beforehand to check if the problem is not from Msn Hotmail like stated here-

  • Always ensure that caps lock is not on, or you type the correct password as it is highly case sensitive.
  • Try to reboot your PC, and make sure to save all data and work before.
  • You can check the status of your service by signing in on the site Here you can get the exact status of your account.
  • If there is an error message, when you sign in, then reset your Internet Explorer

After making sure that all the above things are good, you can try to troubleshoot further as follows to get your account activated-

Steps for hotmail sign in problems today

Verify your Account through phone

Outlook is a highly protective program that blocks the accounts for reducing spamming and hacking etc. At times account is blocked in order to reduce spam, junk mail and to limit the volume of the emails. It also checks the number of recipients and kind of emails that are being sent. Hence, it may hinder you to sign in to your account. In this case, you can verify your account from your phone in order to receive more number of emails and reduce spamming.

Try resetting your msn hotmail password

Follow the steps given below to reset your password for Msn Hotmail -

  • Go to the password reset page
  • Answers questions to verify the identity related to the account's security
  • You would receive a password reset code on to your registered phone or email.
  • You can fill the same password reset code in the screen and follow prompts to reset the new password. (Choose some unique password to keep your account secure).

Try signing in from Other Computer

You should try to sign in from other PC or device, at times some firewall settings and Antivirus program hampers with the sign in process and blocks certain programs. If you can successfully sign from another PC then you must check the settings in your previous computer to enable the browsing.

Errors regarding Account Blocked

If there is a specific error code regarding your account that it has been temporarily blocked or some unusual activity has been detected then you should follow the helping links on You can submit your account here for further investigation and get started after inspection. You can refer to the link as “How can I get rid of temporary account blocked and other errors in”?

Browser related Issues

There is the log in problems related to browsers. Many times we are using the old versions of the browsers that can cause issues here. You should upgrade to the latest version of any of the browser that you using. You can easily upgrade Internet Explorer and should also install the latest version of Silverlight, in your PC.
These steps are easy, quick and can get your recovery done in very less time. You can avoid a lot of frustration and failed attempts to sign in again and again without knowing the real deal. For more information, you can visit

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