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How to resolve Roku Remote is not working

The low range products, tremendously superlative specifications make the amazing streaming device, Roku. This device comes with an equally competent remote. That is again available in two versions I e standard IR and the other one with the connectivity of a wireless network. Today you also face issues for Roku Remote not working.

Now today we are going to talk about the problems that may come while using the Roku remote. The first basic of identifying the solution would be probably getting the answer to what kind of remote you have as mentioned above.

Let us start with the potential reasons and solutions to the Roku Remote not working. issues.
We would discuss both types of remotes one by one here but first, you should always try to check the batteries first. In case batteries are gone, your remote would not work anyhow.

Troubleshooting Roku TV Remote Not Working

Roku TV Remote Not Working 1) Check for the signal obstruction

Firstly make sure the signals of the remote are not being blocked by any of the objects in the path. You should reposition any object that is falling in the path of the remote signals.

2) Adjust the batteries

In case there is no obstruction, you can now try to adjust the batteries of the remote to fix the problem. These two minor issues are the major problem creators at times.

  • Pro Tip: All Roku streaming procedure can be controlled among a Roku IR remote. If you as well have this style of remote, you can exploit it to right of entry the settings set of choices and revive your Roku device Go to Settings then System then System restart then restart on a player, or Settings then System then Power then System restart then Restart on a Roku TV.
3) Change the batteries

If both of the above does not work, try to replace the new set of batteries. You should be aware that these remote work best with powerful batteries. You may need AA or AAA batteries depending on the remote that you have.

Troubleshooting Point Anywhere Roku Remote not working issues

1) Restart your device and remote

In case you have an enhanced version of the remote first thing you should try is to switch off the device, like your streaming player and even remote; take out the batteries. Switch on after some time, check if your remote is working.

2) Try to repair the remote

Now here you will have to switch off everything like step 1 and then put the device on to check. When the home screen appears press and holds the pairing button of your remote till the pairing light is on. It will take a few seconds like half a minute to establish a connection with the device and your TV screen will show the pairing dialog.

3) Opt to change Remote batteries

Your point anywhere remote may also stop working if batteries are dead or weak. The process of replacing batteries is a bit different from other version but not difficult at all. After replacing the batteries wait for a few seconds and then check the Roku Remote not working .

By doing all these steps, you may definitely get at par with the remote not working issue. In case you still find issues here are some general troubleshooting ways that will solve issues in both kinds of remotes.

Try to download the Roku App

In case you are fed up of trying fixing the issues, just don't wait and download Roku app. You can get the app for free and start using your smartphone as the remote by the time you get a solution or buy a new remote. This App works great for both Android and IOS phones.

New Remote may be needed -Remote may have faulty hardware

There is the time when remote falls or some internal damage may leave it to the non workable condition. In this case, you have to buy a new remote. It is easily available on the Company's website. There are some other sources also to buy a new remote but we suggest you to always make an authentic purchase. A cheaper version may not work well and would need replacement in a few can easily check for Roku Remote not working solution with tested staff also.

Note: Official Website for Roku Troubleshooting: -

Best Technical pro tips For Roku remote not working

If you cannot establish the client surname and secret word and judge they have not been altered, the non-payment principles may be scheduled on the manufacturer’s website or user manual, or perhaps on the base of the router. If you necessitate help configuring your router or other complex tackle, refer to the user labor-intensive or get in touch with the producer.

  1. Change the wireless channel: Many routers bring into play an “auto” setting which you can amend to a unambiguous direct after signing in to your router. For 2.4GHz in North America, channels 1, 6, and 11 are the number one channels and are unfailing with wireless principles used by Roku campaign. If the wireless indication strength does not get better after the router restart, do again and attempt using a unlike channel.
  2. Connect to the 5 GHz wireless network: If your router and Roku device together hold up 5 GHz, create certain it is enabled in the router settings and endeavor between to the 5 GHz wireless network.

Roku TV Remote Not Working

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