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How to fix adobe Reader not working on Windows

Adobe Reader not working on Windows

Adobe Reader is application software that helps to view, create and manage the files in PDF (Portable Document Format). The basic version of Adobe Reader is available for all mobile platforms and desktops. Adobe Reader not working on Windows due to some reasons.

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Some Common issues Adobe Reader
1) Just Reset your password

If the problem is due to the password that you have forgotten, you can simply reset it on Microsoft account as here-

  • Copy this link on your browser
  • Now click on the option "I forgot my password"
  • Now go to ‘Reset your password’.
  • Enter your Msn Hotmail ID for that you have forgotten the password.
  • After entering the special characters that are shown on the screen click on "Next".
  • Enter the special characters shown as it is in the field and press “Next”.
  • There would be guided prompts to "Reset your Password" page.
  • Now you would be provided the links to retrieve your password on Email or SMS.
  • Choose the one as per your convenience and after getting the code use it to fill it on the password reset page.
  • After this, you are directed to sign in the page where you can type the new password and can confirm again.
  • Now new account will be operational with a new password.
  • Now select the links to retrieve the code on Email or SMS.

There is a paid reader subscription with add-ons available on demand. Adobe Reader is an application that works swiftly with most of the operating systems. Today we would discuss the problems associated with Adobe Reader and Windows 8, 10. There are multiple reports on forums about Reader not opening or working with these two Windows Operating Systems.

Quick fix by adobe support phone number

The good news is that Adobe Reader is fully functional on Windows 8 and 10. It works swiftly on both, but the instances may arise due to the underlying issues that may be hampering Adobe to act. Here are some quick fixes that you should perform beforehand-

1) Restart your Computer to make it functional again. 2) Clear all Temporary files and perform disk cleanup . 3) Uninstall the Adobe application and install again. 4) You can Open Reader, Go to the Edit menu and then Preferences -> Security Enhances > disable the Protected mode.

Adobe reader opens and reads all documents on all operating systems. If the problem still persists and for further troubleshooting, you may follow the steps given below-

For Windows 8

If you are having a problem in the reading the file or it shows blank in reader try these-
1) Download the latest version of Adobe Reader .
There are the chances the Reader files have got corrupted. Just uninstall the current version and go for the new updated one like here-
  • Press the Keys together –Windows +Q
  • Now type Reader in the box for search
  • Now right click on the Windows Reader app
  • In the bottom there is the Uninstall button, Click it
  • Now reinstall the latest version.

2) Close all the Adobe processes from the task manager. Refresh your computer several times and now try to open it in the reader. 3) Try to open the same files from some other computer to check if they open or not? There could be a problem related to the files also.

For Windows 10

1) Close all the files running on Adobe go to the task manager and then try to open the files once again. Make sure to refresh the computer. If it opens ensure to change the preferences here. 2) Make sure your internet connection speed is good if you are using it on a browser. You need good internet connectivity. 3) The Task Manager would help you to find the system performance also. Check if the system is slow or saturated. 4) Check for the "System Drivers". At times corrupted drivers may lead to this situation. You can reload the drivers and troubleshoot this issue and many other underlying issues with it as here- • Go to Start then Settings • Now open Update & Security • Go to Troubleshoot and then Hardware and devices • Now Click on Run the Troubleshooter • Tap on Apply this fix This step would fix all issues related to PDF and other system performance hitches. Hopefully this guide would help you to get your files and documents to be readable on Adobe Reader on Windows 8 and 10 without any trouble.

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